Monday, June 9, 2014

Anxiety Attack

I'm having a mild anxiety attack. Start my training tomorrow for my new job and I am so nervous, not because I think the job will be difficult, but because if I don't pass the training I have no job.  So that in itself is what is making me nervous, the thought of being unemployed again in 12 weeks, just uggh...creates my heart to palpitate.

My foot is still healing but I'm finally able to walk on it without crutches or the air cast. I tried to do some working out but couldn't do any bouncing at all. So this week is the week I'm back in the saddle with truly working out. Nothing like doing everything at once right? New job and new workout schedule. Go big or go home. LOL

Watching NY Ink and LA Ink on Netflix makes me already want another tattoo. Although I just got one back in February, there was such a big amount of time between my second and third I forgot how awesome it feels to get tattooed so I am definitely up for my 4th already.

Had a great Sunday. My cousin and his family were up from Alabama so we went to visit and have a big birthday party for the kids. It was so fun and it was way too short of a time to see them. I love him and his family is amazing, I love them all. I wish they lived closer. They are here all week but unfortunately starting the new job this week so Sunday was my only time to be able to see them.

It's starting to get warm up here and as usual my central air conditioning unit isn't turning on. This happens every Spring, I can't get it to kick on. I just don't have the cash to have anyone come out, so I guess I will just suffer through. I see many cold showers in my future.

So since I am starting the new job there won't be any summer vacations this year for me, but what about all my readers, do you do fun things in the summertime, do you have a yearly spot you travel too?

Fingers crossed for StarvingBitch...she'll need all the support she can get!


Crabby McSlacker said...

Just the words "new job" and "training" make me stressed, so I totally sympathize! But I bet you will do great. And I know for a lot of people, vacations can actually ADD stress with all the planning, so while I wish you were going on one to have something to look forward to, sometimes it's more relaxing to get a regular routine going and not have to mess it up and worry about logistics. Fingers crossed that the training and job both go well!.

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How did your first day go? I sure hope it went well! Glad that you're finally out of the crutches. Looking forward to your next blog!

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