Sunday, May 18, 2014

Chinese Torture and Another Birthday in the Tank

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Been seeing my acupuncturist for some anxiety and stress related stomach issues for the last month. The end of April I sprained my ankle pretty darn good, so the first week I went to acupuncture after the injury she poured some smelly herbs (kind of smelled like wintergreen to me) on my foot, added some needles to the area and then after the acupuncture was complete proceeded to do acupressure on the spot. OMG I was lifting out of the seat. Now I love a good massage but when your foot is sprained and very tender to the touch I actually dubbed it Chinese Torture. She laughed very hard when I suggested this is what they do to people in jail in China. 

Despite my cries of protest, it actually has helped to heal my foot much faster. My foot is less swollen and I can walk without my crutches and I am no longer wearing the air cast. I'm still limping a bit, but it's better everyday and I feel good about it. This week was week two of the acupressure and it was just as painful as the first time she did it.

Saturday arrives...quickly. Forty One. I am now completely over that big hill and yet I feel meh nothing really that bad about it. I got up at the crack of ass (6:35) for a 7 am hair appointment. I was hoping it was just a cut as I didn't sleep well so I wanted to go back to bed after the appointment, but low and behold it was a color and cut so I was there a lot longer than expected. But a nice cut and a nice shade of red later I'm all dolled up.

Okay I still went home and tried to go back to sleep but after laying there for a while I couldn't fall asleep.  Went out to dinner with the folks and stopped at one of my favorite bakeries to pick up a lemon tartlet for my dessert. (although I still haven't eaten it). My mom bought dad some coconut macaroons so I grabbed a couple.

In the middle of the night SOMEONE got up, chewed through the Ziploc bag and had herself a coconut macaroon to get in on the celebration.

 Now I don't want to point fingers at any particular pet in my home, but I have a 50/50 shot at to whom made her late night cookie run. Evie. The number one suspect. Since I've caught her red-pawed in the middle of the night chowing down on a loaf of bread and having seen the after-affects of her licking pizza sauce off of a gluten free pizza about to go in the oven. I know she is the culprit. She thinks she's a dog and you would think I never feed her.

Since I have a couple more weeks before I start the new job I am going to focus on the weight loss, I dropped a couple pounds despite not being able to work out due to my foot, so I am going to attempt getting back into my workouts, if I need to lean on a chair when I have to balance on the bad foot I will do so.

I'm feeling less anxious about things, I passed my background check for the job and so now I just gotta find myself a desk that will fit two monitors and just wait to start training. Yikes! A whole new world, and despite the pretty big pay-cut I am trying to think positively and say I'm going to rock the job so well I will make incentives every month.

The parents got me a gift of cash (the gift that keeps on giving) so I can use it to buy new tires for my inspection coming up this week. Gotta love it!  What more can a girl ask for, for her birthday...TIRES!


Crabby McSlacker said...

Happy birthday!!! And wow, I'm impressed that you're doing all this healthy stuff even despite the injury and taking this new job thing and making an opportunity out of it. Yay for rockin' it and hopefully earning incentives!

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I haven't really tried acupuncture yet but I'm glad it worked wonders on you. I hope I won't be needing one in future coz I don't want to experience the "Chinese Torture." :)

Good luck on your new job! I'm pretty sure you'll do great!!! And yeah, happy belated birthday! I sure hope you had a fabulous one!!! Enjoyed reading your blog as always. Keep writing!

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