Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

As you can tell I'm not a big "earth day" celebrator. Don't get me wrong, I do what I can and try but I'm not tying myself to trees to save them. Unless it might help me lose weight? Hmmm this might be a new strategy I can get behind. Forget it, I would probably eat the bark out of desperation and the bark is just carbs after all and it would go straight to my ass like everything else.

So here is what I do to lessen my "impact" on the Earth. Stop laughing. Okay. Seriously I do it to lessen the impact on my wallet as opposed to the Earth, but it's win/win right, so you can champion my efforts for Earth Day.

I make all my own household cleaners. Yep. Everything. Furniture polish, window/mirror cleaner, tub cleaner, laundry detergent and I even make my own "toilet bombs" to disinfect in between cleanings.  Now call me crazy, but honestly, they clean better. I'm not joking. Because I'm dirt poor in order to keep my hair color from lasting a bit longer than typical hair color I use a color depositing conditioner. Which can make my brand new WHITE tub, pink.  So the last time I was going to clean the pink tub back to it's white luster, I still had some leftover tub/tile cleaner so I figured might as well use it up, it didn't remotely do anything, the pink remained and was not cleaning. I started to panic a little that I waited to long to wash the tub after my hair color refresh and just ruined the tub that I spent a lot of money on to remodel. So took a deep breath and took out my homemade tub cleaner, and instantly the pink was gone.

Can I just tell you too that my house smells so much better since using homemade cleaners. Because I use essential oils that I like, it's a lot nicer walking into the bathroom to a faint smell of orange and lemons as opposed to strong bleachy scents.

I drive a Toyota Corolla. Okay it's not a hybrid, but it's still a Corolla so therefore I'm not really contributing too much trouble to the air. Plus I'm unemployed, so I literally fill up my gas tank once a month right now as I'm home all the time.  I wonder if they will erect a statue to me for Earth Day? I hope they thin it out a little so I'm not so hippy.

I try with the skin and makeup products as well.  Here is one product I'm super excited about.  I rarely wear eye makeup except for mascara. No matter what mascara I buy if I rub my eye which apparently I do often my eye gets very itchy, red and burning. I've tried every mascara under the sun and unfortunately they all do the same thing. Iritate the one part of my body they are suppose to be safe for. Go figure. So I read a review of Josie Maran's mascara, that it worked well for volumizing but was also all fancy schmanzy with the no parabens and all that jazz. So I bought some on Amazon, actually a travel size because if it didn't work I didn't want to plunk down that kind of cashola.  But can I just tell you I AM IN LOVE. Not only does it make my lashes look long and luscious, if I rub my eye, NO IRRITATION.

And it boasts on her website that it is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Phthalates, GMOs and Triclosan. I don't know what any of that shit is but I'm sure it's really bad for the environment and your body in some way.

I feel like the skin/makeup world of better safety standards and least chemically laden is dodgy, it's very hit or miss. I usually consult the website Skin Deep created by the Environmental Working Group to help you sift through the shit out there. Much like "Natural/Organic" labeling on our foods it's equally as misleading.  I looked up her mascara on Skin Deep but unfortunately the only one listed was an old 2010 formula, which got a good rating, it was in the low range, but that doesn't mean this formula is, but honestly I don't care it's not hurting my eyes which is the first of any mascara ever.

I have had hits and misses. I purchased Primal Pit Paste an all natural deodorant and I purchased the unscented version as some of the complaints on the scented versions turned me off, but I literally had my mom sniff my armpit because I couldn't tell if it worked, clearly it works, but because I bought the unscented I was feeling like maybe it wasn't. Stupid me.

I just recently purchased Herbal Choice Mari in Sweet Orange and Cranberry shampoo which again was on the Skin Deep website showing up on the low range of bad stuff and I am not even sure if it works well to clean my hair, I haven't paid attention but the smell in my shower is AMAZING. It could be made with monkey poo and I wouldn't care. It smells fantastic.

So I'm trying, I'm not perfect and I'm not wearing hemp clothing but I do my best. What do you do to help?


J Graham said...

I am far too lazy to make my own cleaners but wow, if you ever start marketing 'em I'd buy em!

I am not the words most dedicated Green type person, but I do tend to do most errands on foot and rarely take the car out. I love being out in nature, but can't say I"m doing much to make sure we'll still have it in 100 years. I could be a lot better.


Running Meg said...

Good for you! What do you use for tub cleaner? I make one with vinegar and dish soap that works WONDERS!

StarvingBitch said...

HI Meg, mine is baking soda, a little castille soap and orange, grapefruit and lemon essential oil.

Yum Yucky said...

Please tell me more about this toilet bomb. I do use vinegar to spruce up surfaces in-between cleanings, but that's it right now as far as homemade stuff. School me with your knowledge!

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