Saturday, February 8, 2014

Taxes, Tattoos and Torture

So I've been a bit of a funk. I've been still working out but feeling emotionally spent. This round of being unemployed has done a real number on my self-esteem, I'm not sure why this time around the unemployment line is wreaking havoc on my self-esteem but it is.

Taxes:  I finally got my W-2 and sat down to tackle the taxes. At the beginning I was getting about a 46 dollar refund, until I plugged in the total of the money I took out of my 401k as well as me cashing in my savings bonds (which ironically I cashed in last year to pay for my taxes) but luckily I have my mortgage interest as well as the interest from the remodel loan I took out that ended with me getting a refund this year. Phew. It was one of those brow mopping moments. I plan on paying off my gas credit card, cutting that up and then putting the remainder on another credit card. No sense in putting it in the bank and paying monthly on credit cards.

Torture: Norma. Yeah her. She keeps sending me these torturous workouts, and I'm doing them because well, Norma is my idol and I want to be like her when I grow up. That girl needs to open up her on Personal Trainers business because that bitch knows how to get it done!

Tattoos:  Today I got my third tattoo. I would totally show it to you but it's incredibly private and only for me. It's on a portion of my body only me and a select few in the world will ever see and I choose to keep it that way, but if anyone lives in New Hampshire I totally recommend Creepy Creations in Londonderry NH. Creepy did my tattoo and the guy was legit amazing. So nice, friendly and just a good dude. I will definitely find my way back there.

Tomorrow I'm going on a little hike in the cold New England air, I am hoping it will clear the cobwebs.

What are you doing this weekend? Anything fun?


Norma said...

Awwww, I'm blushing. :) Glad to hear you have been "enjoying" the little programs I've sent you. Congrats on the ink! My first ink was done by Tattoo George up in Portsmouth NH (the name of the studio escapes me right now but it was on Daniel Street, and I was so happy with it I went back six months later for my second one). Tattooing was illegal in MA at the time so we all had to go over the border to go under the needle...seems nostalgic as there are like 5 tattoo shops within 10 miles of my house now!

Keep doing what you're doing, mon ami. Exercise can't cure everything but it will make your body happy and your brain clearer and better equipped to handle the stress. Road trip? Offer still stands...

Carmen Brooks said...

Low self-esteem due to unemployment? Yes, indeed it is. I checked this site that makes realize about things in my life and to keep me moving forward.

Stacey said...

I see it this way, you got away with owing nothing to the IRS, you have Norma acting as your personal trainer and you got an awesome tat from an amazing artist. Not too shabby in my book.

Don't let the employment thing get you down, it's temporary. Something will come along that is right up your alley.

J Graham said...

I'm not sure I'm brave enough either for a tattoo or Norma's incredible workouts, but I admire you for taking on both those badass feats!


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