Friday, February 14, 2014

It's a Heart Fest up in this bitch!

Happy Ridiculous made up Holiday pimped to you by the Flower, Jewelry and Card industry.

Countless single people out there are cringing as they sit at their work computers and see the hordes of Valentines Balloons and Flowers parade by to their destinations to cooing women.  Countless men are sweating in their clothing not knowing if what they did this year was "good enough" for the lucky person in their life.


I got to spend some quality snuggle time yesterday with someone very special to me, so that was good enough for me.  As much as I love "romance" I don't know, I just find Valentines Day to be so forced, everyone is truly anxious hoping they did enough, or hoping their loved one remembered and doesn't leave them sitting at work like some loser...and then you got the single people cringing that they even have to participate in this business.

I prefer a random Tuesday to get flowers even if they are on the way home grocery store flowers, it means he was thinking about me and wanted to see my smile.

So this hasn't happened for a long time for me, but you know that's what I like. HA HA!

So for those of you who just SQUEE over the thought of Valentines Day. I hope you had a wonderful day and your significant other did as much to make you smile. You deserve it. I just will be happy to no longer see those ugly Chocolate Diamonds they keep trying to tell me on the commercials are just all the rage...No. No they are not. Just STAHHHHHPPPP!


Norma said...

Josh got me some new sex toys.
Just thought you'd appreciate that.

StarvingBitch said...

Yes! The gift that keeps on giving!

HappinessSavouredHot said...

I agree there's too much pressure on all, and especially on men, on Valentine's Day! I wouldn't want anybody to spend too much on me. Simple gestures in every day life mean much more to me.

Yum Yucky said...

I'm with you. We share the same philosophy. But still kinda jealous that Norma got sexy toys. Life is soooo unfair!!

J Graham said...

Sorry I missed this earlier, I feel EXACTLY the same way! We gave up cards years ago when we kept writing the same damn things over and over. We try not to save the "i love you's' for a commercially driven fake-holiday.


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