Sunday, January 26, 2014

On the Road to Recovery

Last week I shared with my faithful followers about how I have been hormonal and depressed with this job loss.  I was going to attempt to get my ass back working out.

Well my favorite blogger (who has hung up her blogging cap for now) whom I strive to be like some day Norma heard my cries of desperation and sent me several kick butt workouts.  So while I only managed to get in two days worth of my Slim in 6 disc, I did do Norma's workouts on the other days, so I feel accomplished for my first week back especially since Aunt Flo came to kick me in the Uterus.

So THANK YOU NORMA!!!! You rose to the occasion just when I needed your no-nonsense kick butt attitude.

I also starting logging again on MyFitnessPal. While MyFitnessPal is what I like to call annoying, it really helped keep me focused on my macros when I was losing weight before, so I think it's a good tool for me to keep myself in line.

One of my acquaintances on myfitnesspal, not a friend in real life, but just someone who friended me from the message boards, when I was doing myfitnesspal with daily logging before, she didn't have the best eating habits by looking at her diary but I thought, no big deal, I've been known to have candy or a cupcake as well and if she was just starting out, that maybe just logging is enough for now before she really changes her eating.  Well this morning I took a peek at her logging granted this is almost 3 years later than first meeting her.

She had candy for breakfast and lunch. A pretty exorbitant dinner out at a famous chain Italian restaurant including dessert and again more chocolate after dinner.

She stayed in her calorie range and met all her macros.

Yesterday I went over my macros a little on carbs and a little on sodium but I ate all real food
Tuna sandwich, gluten free pretzels
Green Juice
Salad and corn for dinner

While that could have been a bad day for her, which I've been known to have, it's not far from what I saw from her diaries 3 years ago. So I think I may drop her as a friend on MFP, does that sound awful? I just want positive influences around me and eating a chocolate bar for breakfast and lunch just doesn't seem positive to me. Am I being bitchy?

Onward and upward to the next week!


Norma said...

Keep on killin' it, SB...

Stacey said...

Don't mean to hijack your blog but I just have to say hi to Norma.

Hi Norma!!!!! Miss the hell out of you, girl!

J Graham said...

Hope this doesn't post twice, lost my previous comment!

Anyway, I was gonna say I could make judgments about what people eat, but I just had some dark chocolate for breakfast! Purely for scientifc research, it's supposed to be a cough suppressant.

And that's great that Norma came up with some workouts for you!


Norma said...

OMFG Stacey!!!!!

Maren said...

High five to you! Great job on the workouts!

I don't think you're wrong to drop her as a MFP friend.. you're perfectly fine to do so. I think there are lots of ways to lose weight. It's possible to lose weight by only eating ice cream, as long as you stay within the calorie budget... BUT that's not very motivational or inspirational for anyone else..... !

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