Sunday, January 19, 2014

Emotional Rollercoaster

One thing men never have to experience, unless of course they live in a home with a woman is the emotional turmoil we go through before our periods come.  Hormones are so strong, unlike some women who get completely ragey and bitchy I become hyper sensitive and cry at the drop of a hat. I know surprising since Bitch is in my name.

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Thursday night while cooking dinner I burst into tears and said out loud. "It would be nice if someone cooked me dinner for a change". Yes this is what I was whining and crying about. Being single I'm 100% responsible for cooking for myself and I don't wanna dammit. I want someone to cook me dinner for a change. I know completely ridiculous while I was blubbering into my macaroni and my cats were looking at me like I was crazy.

Yesterday my friend came over to spend some quality snuggle time together and when he was leaving I went out to shovel so I walked him to his car and gave him a quick kiss goodbye for his journey home, when I got in from shoveling I called to see how the roads were since it was snowing pretty good here and we chatted for about 15 mins. After we said our goodbyes and I hung up, I burst into tears again.

Don't ask me why? I haven't a freaking clue.

I know this has been said about a million times before, but I really am going to attempt this week to get my lazy ass into a routine and workout. I have all the time in the world and my bathroom remodel is finally complete so I have the house to myself again.  The first week is the hardest. I keep telling myself after week one it will be better and I will do better, I mean catching an image of my naked form in the bathroom mirror was enough to make me scream, I imagine this is what I would look like pregnant but you know, I'm not so that's not a nice image to see.

I can't claim that I will 100% be into it, I'm going to try and really give it a go, I know that once I'm in a routine and once I get the first week under my belt, than I am on a roll again, it's just so hard to do it, half the time I just want to lay in bed all day. I'll check back next week to let you know if I'm an utter failure or you can do a little spirit dance for me.

What is the weirdest thing that happens when your hormones are out of whack? Am I the only one that has severe reactions to the hormone surge?


Crabby McSlacker said...

You are SO reminding me of why I'm really, really glad to be a post-menopausal old crone so that when I'm moody it's now more likely to be about something real!

My tiresome advice on the getting the new routine going is to set the bar really, really low and make it as fun as possible in order to build the habit. Five minutes dancing to a song or a ten minute treadmill walk can end up being life changing if they start a new era of better habits. So I'd suggest saving any heroics for later, just make Showing Up and Doing Anything At All a big cause for celebration.

Good luck!

Kimberley Ann said...

LOL! I was testing because I had made a comment yesterday, but I never saw it. I had said I have both the rage and crying...and I am really looking forward to post-menopause.

Good luck on getting back on a roll.

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