Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'm a Chick....We cannot say NO to a sale!

So thanks to my fitness/weight loss Guru-Norma she has put my anxiety about macros at ease and basically told me not to sweat it as much as I was. Thanks Norma. I look back on my MFP diaries when I was deep into Leangains and realize, I wasn't really paying much attention to my macros and dropping mad pounds. So I'm going to try not to worry about it too much and focus more on getting myself into a routine so when I get a job I don't get out of it.

So lets take a little detour today. Are you a typical woman and can't say no to a really good sale?? This is me. Over the winter The Frugal Girls Blog had a ton of sales on baby stuff. Baby Sling, Baby Car Seat Cover, Baby Nursing Pillow, Baby Nursing Cover up, Belly Bands for when you are pregnant. They were all free except shipping and handling. So you would wonder is Starving Bitch having a baby?

That would be a negative. Does Starving Bitch want a baby. Absolutely. Does Starving Bitch have a job to pay for said baby. No. Does Starving Bitch have a boyfriend to provide necessary ingredients to make baby. No. But did Starving Bitch buy all this baby shit?? ABSOLUTELY.

I figure someone, somewhere, soon is going to have a baby and I'm going to have to give a baby gift to said new mommy. So why not, would I like to use for myself?? Sure. But what the hell.

Am I the only one that shops like this? Sometimes I think are you stupid? LOL but what a deal. Why would I pass it up.

Now I'm not one of those extreme coupon hoarder chicks that buy 800 packages of toothpaste that will expire before I ever get to use any of them, or 250 blocks of chocolate shake mix because it was on sale and the more you buy with coupons the more you get free. A) Starving Bitch doesn't have a basement and B) Starving Bitch gets sick of clutter and has to do a major purging so she could never be a hoarder.

I'm having trouble stepping out of my comfort zone, the last week we have had two video challenges in my Beachbody challenge group and so far I have not done them. Today's I recorded myself probably a minimum of 5 times and each time I found something negative about the video and deleted it. I really need to step out of my comfort zone and put it up on the facebook group. But I am paralyzed with fear.

What is something that makes you very uncomfortable??? Eating alone in a restaurant? Family get-to-gethers? Working out in public? Please tell me I'm not the only one with these types of phobias.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

But...But...I am sooo tired

I'm starting to worry about myself a bit. All I want to do is sleep. Yesterday I got up around 10 am and then went back down around 3 to take a nap. Who at 40 needs a nap when they have no job??? Seriously.

To try and curb my "I have nothing to do but sleep" I'm going to start setting my alarm and getting up and working out as if I have a job to go too. Figured it can't hurt and might curb this nap taking.

This week went pretty good, worked out all week to Slim in 6. My eating wasn't stellar, it was hard to get into a groove with my macros. I am not getting enough protein and I can't seem to cut the carbs enough, it's a very tough balance.  I've been trying to find what macros are good for me, since I have PCOS carbs aren't really my friend so I want to be low carb but it's just been so difficult to keep the balance, everything has carbs even things you don't think.

I know my friend Norma out there is really good with the macros. Maybe she can get me in the right groove to eating in my proper macros. Everything I read was so different, I was just overwhelmed.

So on the agenda for this week is to keep up my workouts but set my alarm and get up early to do them, so I can stop the afternoon napping and to clean up my eating and keep within my macros.

I'm also getting back on the Leangains (Intermittent Fasting) bandwagon because I know how well it works for me. If you haven't read about it, check it out here  I want to get back to that body I had a year and a half ago.  The determination, the drive, everything.

What macro combo works for you? What exercise programs are you using right now to keep fit?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Homemade Chips!

Want a quick recipe to make your own healthier "chips"...Grab some Joseph's Lavash Bread with Flax. Cut them up into strips. Spray lightly with some olive oil spray just to make them a bit damp and sprinkle with salt and pepper (that's the flavor I like the best) but really you can sprinkle them with whatever you want.  I have done red pepper, Parmesan cheese as well as cinnamon to make something sweet.

 Bake in a 350 oven for about 8-10 mins, you have to watch them because they will burn if you have them in long, and you will have to lessen the time as the stove heats up, you want them a nice golden brown.

 Check out the Nutritional page. You can easily count out how many chips you get out of 1 full Lavash. So that way if you are tracking your calories you know how many calories for a total amount of chips. Not bad for some really great chips low in fat and a good amount of dietary fiber. Typically I make them in bulk especially in the summer when you're outside and eating hummus and dips.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

StarvingDiva has a Facebook Account!

So it's only taken several years and back and forth thoughts on whether or not I would have enough visitors to warrant making a facebook page, but here I am pimping myself out.

Starving Diva has been socially savvy on Twitter for a while StarvingDiva

So come find Striving for Skinny Jeans on Facebook too because afterall who doesn't want to read about failures/successes of a Starving Bitch.

A Dog Chasing It's Tail

Photo from

I am in a complete crossroads in my life right now and feel like I'm in a complete mindfuck with myself. I know? A mindfuck with yourself. Yep that's all I can think to call it.

Yesterday I laid in bed until noon. I woke up around 9 and just laid there with the two cats until noon. I had no other reason to get out of bed. I didn't care.

The job thing is really bothering me. I absolutely positively do not want to go back to being an administrative assistant. I really enjoyed being a recruiter but I wasn't in it long enough to have enough experience for someone to hire me as a recruiter. So I think I'm partially depressed about the fact that despite not wanting to be an Administrative Assistant again, I'm going to have to be. The other part of it is that in this part of the country money isn't there for Administrative Assistants. While they certainly want my 20 years of experience, they want to pay me what I was making about 20 years ago. Not what my experience and knowledge now demands for pay. I get the supply and demand world and right now unfortunately the employer has the upper hand. But I need to live. So the thought of having to take two jobs is equally depressing. I'm 40 years old, I can do it, but I don't want too.

That's just the truth, I don't fucken want too. I've worked so hard all my life and I don't want to have to go to another job after working a full-time job during the day. Not whining, just reality.

Administrative Assistants are a dime a dozen right now, so just being able to get a call back or an interview is proving challenging. As much as well meaning friends calling or emailing and saying to me "With all your experience I can't believe you haven't found a job yet" I really want to say FUCK YOU! you know without the repercussions of telling your friend to fuck off. I know I have 20 years experience and you'd think employers would be calling me but the truth of the matter is the way resumes are done nowadays, everything is online and the sheer volume these HR departments are getting, I'm not even sure 1/2 the time my resume is being seen.

I'm completely out of all my 401k money, as soon as that runs out, I won't be able to pay any of my bills except for my mortgage and condo fee.

I seriously had a complete meltdown this morning just trying to decide what am I going to have to do? Am I going to have to move in with my parents and rent out my house to someone?

I seriously want to curl up and not peek my head out until it's all over. I just want someone else to take care of me for a change. I get that it's impossible since I'm not married and have nobody else to rely on but myself. Well that just plain sucks I'm not going to lie.

Could I win Publishers Clearing House please???? No? Well Fuck.

I can't even get into my personal life on here, but suffice it to say. That isn't much better.

I have no direction, I feel like I'm a dog chasing it's tail.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Back to One

My beachbody coach started a new 90 day challenge group on Facebook and I joined, we start tomorrow and my cousin and his wife saw me join and joined themselves. So having the support of the group and some family should help.

Prepped my food today for the week and I'm ready to get this party started.

Two weeks I've been taking Maca and I gotta tell you, my energy is through the roof and I've been sleeping so much better since I started taking it. I've found a good combo of fruits to take with it to kind of mask the strong taste. Also mixing it in with coffee has been good to mask it as well.

I've been super stressed out this week about job hunting and finding something. I know worrying doesn't solve anything but I cannot seem to figure out how to calm my nerves and anxiety about finding a job.

My hips been bothering me again and I've been getting migraines, so I really need to focus on something to keep my mind off how much of a loser I feel to be still unemployed and close to losing my house.

Thinking maybe I can sneak some yoga in on the weekends and bring some zen into my world.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Linky Roundup

I've been spending a lot of time on reading my Eat-Clean Diet Recharged book by Tosca Reno. I'm really trying to clean up my eating, so I've been constantly finding new and interesting links to help me on the road to success.

If you don't know about the FoodBabe she is behind you finding out that the lovely fresh bread made at subway, yeah, not so much.  Her website is chock full of great investigations as well as tips on what types of foods you should be buying, as well as coupon codes for some great websites.

By following one of her coupons I ended up at The Maca Team where after reading a lot of information, ended up buying some Red Maca...I feel like it will be helpful for all my PCOSy bullshit.  If you use the code FOODBABE you can get 10% off.  I gotta tell you, I ordered the Red Maca on Friday and received in the mail on Monday. FAST DELIVERY!  Now I'm still learning to mask the flavor a bit, the first day I drank just in water and it tasted kind of like tobacco to me, today I had it in a fruit smoothie and it was a bit better. I just have to find the right combo of fruits and veggies.  Holy Energy Batman. Don't take Maca after 2 pm you won't be able to sleep.

Next up the Juice Recipe Builder what is great about this website is you can build a juice through your juicer and get the calorie content, OR solid in a smoothie and get the calorie content.  This is so helpful especially if you juice like myself and also use myfitnesspal. Right along the Juicing theme, sometimes it's not convenient to have a homemade juice, either your juicer is dirty, you ran out of veggies, or it's just not convenient to carry around a cooler with a giant mug of juice, I found this cool website Pressed Juice Directory that points you to shops in your general area that sell organic fresh pressed Juice. Of course NH is severely lacking in this department, maybe I can buy a juicing franchise and start a new trend up here. Hmmmmmm

This is by far my FAVORITE website Food Facts it's the grocery store equivalent of EWG Skin Deep for Beauty products.  You can look up any food on the food facts website (some aren't listed but if you send them a product you'd like looked into they will do it) and it will give you a score based on it's ingredients. I find this super helpful because as much as us would love to have a giant farm of fresh organic meats and vegetables we have to hit the grocery store some times.

With Spring coming and fresh fruits and veggies more readily available check out Local Harvest where you can plug in your zip code and find co-ops in your area, or farms and what they offer. Luckily NH has plenty of these.

I'm off to make my own Almond Milk and Almond Butter.  Fresher and I know what's in it. My favorite thing to make in my vitamix, fresh almond or peanut butter. Yum.

What great links have you found recently that you are obsessed with and would like to share?